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July 20th, 21st & 22nd

  • Set Up Campsites

    Set Up Campsite

  • HIke

    Short Hike to Ocean Views

  • Smores

    Eat Smores

  • Free Play- Swimming/Games

    Play and Relaxation

  • BBQ/Smoker

    Delicious Smoked Pulled Pork & More!

  • Snipe Hunting

    Snipe Hunting

  • Campfire/Ghost Stories

    Bring your spookiest tales!

  • Pancake Breakfast

    Pancake Breakfast

  • Ruby B-Day Party

    Ruby Is Turning 7!

  • Cake/Pizza/Pinata

    Birthday Festivities


What time should I arrive on Friday/Saturday/Sunday?

The idea is for most events to take place between around 2 P.M. and in the evenings.  So suggested arrival times would be before that but you are free to arrive as early as you like.

Can my car make it to this location?

Yes,  It is paved roads all the way to the campout.

Are there any special instructions when driving there?

THREE things.  First, the neighborhood is gated.  If you don’t know the gate code make sure you talk to us and get it.  Secondly, the speed limit in the community is 15MPH.  Third, its several miles down S. Main Divide.  If you think you are lost or have missed it, keep driving you probably just have not gone far enough yet.

What should I bring for food/drinks?

Pancakes, Eggs, BBQ (Saturday) are provided.  You are encouraged to bring drinks and snacks to keep you going throughout the weekend.

Can I bring pets (Dogs, Cats, etc.)

No,  Please do not bring additional animals to the ranch.  There is no fence between the ranch and the national forest and dogs not trained to recognize rattlesnakes have had fatal consequences for both animals.

If I am camping do I need a tent?

Yes, you should bring your own tent if you havn’t registered a trailer/RV and plan on staying overnight.

Can I ride motor vehicles in the National Forest?

No,  the National Forest has rules against dirt bikes, quads, vehicles etc.

I have never been snipe hunting is it dangerous?

No,  The snipe in the National Forest are known for their mild behavior.  If you have never been snipe hunting please be sure to bring an extra stick of deodorant to help mask your smell.

What should I know about fishing in the pond?

Please make sure you have barbless hooks or crush the barbs prior to casting.  Fishing is a catch and release.  The pond has Minnows, Koi, Bluegill and Channel Catfish.  Unless you are bringing super small hooks the Channel Catfish are going to be your best bet.

What kind of wildlife live around the property?

You will see: Lizards, Rabbits, Squirrels, Fish, Frogs, Birds, Hawks

You may see: Snakes, Coyotes, Bobcats, Deer, Mice,  Bats, Snipes

You will most likely not see (but we have): Foxes, Owls, Mountain Lions

Should I bring a bathing suit?

Yes,  Even if you don’t see yourself swimming in the Pond there is also a pool on the Ranch.

What are some suggested Misc. Items to bring?

Towels, Suncreen, Bug Spray, Flash Lights, Lanterns, Snacks.

If we see a Mountain Lion should we pet it?